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We can unlock any locked vehicle by simply picking the lock, however if the vehicle locks have seized, then we can bypass the vehicle security for you

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Lost or stolen car keys replaced at the side of the road today. We can also repair any damaged or faulty car key which you are having trouble with 

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We aim to be with all customers within 60 minutes of the time you call when you have a vehicle related security emergency and need our help right away

Rapid Response Auto Locksmiths in Toronto

We aim to be with all auto locksmith clients within 30 to 60 minutes of the time that they contact us on our hotline. 

Do not worry if its cold and your trapped outside your car as we always respond as quickly as possible to help our Toronto clients. 

We can also help if your based in Forest Hill, Leaside, Swansea, Weston, Downsview, York Mills, Don Mills, New Toronto, Mimico, Etobicoke so do not panic, simply pick p the phone and give us a call now!

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Welcome to Toronto Auto Locksmiths, a definitive one-stop solution to all your automobile locking and unlocking problems. We are proud to announce that we have the expertise, experience and tools required to deliver fast and effective car key repairs and get your vehicle unlocked if perchance you happen to have trouble with getting in or out of your automobile.

You can depend on us as your local 24/7Emergency Mobile Auto Locksmith in Canada and affiliated with the exclusive Auto Locksmith Association. Located in Toronto Auto Locksmiths Canada, we are placed high in Car Key Solution reviews, which is a testament to our dedication, efficacy and promptness as we provide Emergency Assistance for People Locked out of their Vehicle.

If you are wondering “Where is a Mobile Auto Locksmith near me?” as you struggle with unlocking your car door or boot, look no further than Toronto Auto Locksmiths in Canada, who can rush an Emergency Van Locksmith or an Emergency Car Locksmith within a few minutes, saving the day with élan. The weather in Canada makes frozen locks a random and irritating event where and Emergency Assistance for People Locked out of Their Vehicle comes in handy, very handy.

Suppose you take the children to the supermarket and leave them in the car while you go shopping for groceries. It is a very possible scenario that they may lock themselves in and you start to panic, having left the car keys inside. Or you have to attend a very important meeting but cannot unlock the jammed car door. In these cases, speed is the greatest asset that Toronto Auto Locksmiths has, in addition to personnel who take ownership of your issues with a comforting calm. Mobile response units ensure that a situation does not ever turn from bad to worse, and round-the-clock services guarantee that you have your back covered at all times. Car Key Programming and Car Lock Repairs see to it that you do not waste valuable work hours.

If you have inadvertently lost auto keys or face an Auto Lock Emergency situation, you should not rely on DIY measures to resolve the situation. There are two reasons why; if you use a wooden wedge or a metal rod to pry open the door, it may make the situation worse. Secondly, even if the tactic works, you are left facing a huge bill in repairs to your car locking system as well as the door. This will set you back by a hefty sum, not to mention the unavailability of your vehicle during repair time. And in Canada, it is indeed a disadvantage to be without a personal vehicle, which in most cases is the only mode of transport. Toronto Auto Locksmiths with 24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmiths and Call Out services will be there to help in the minimum possible time, with the right tools of the trade, wielded by Emergency Auto Locksmiths.


The following situations are resolved with very fast turnaround time;

  • Lost keys
  • Vehicle Unlocking
  • Car Key Repair
  • Auto Key Replacement
  • Door Lock Replacement
  • Ignition Replacement
  • Auto Key Duplication
  • Locked out of car
  • Boot Lockout
  • Vehicle Security Systems

Do not panic, simply pick up the phone and call our Toronto based locksmiths no matter what auto locksmith security issue you are facing.

Canada’s name comes from the Iroquoian word “Kanata” which means a village or a settlement. And it was these along with native people like The First Nations, Inuit and the Metis. When Canada received Independence in 1867, the European colonizers relinquished authority but many stayed on. And that became the bulk of the 82% of 35.15 million populations in urban cities today. The Vikings first settled Canada in 1000 AD.
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Canada is situated to the North of the USA and its border with USA is the longest bi-national border in history. It is comprised of 10 provinces and 3 maritime territories and it stretches from the pacific to the Atlantic and heads north into the Arctic Ocean.  Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. The capital city is Ottawa. The other major cities of note are Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, and Ontario. These cities mostly lie on the border of Canada and the USA.
As a resident of Canada, you must have noticed how long it takes to drive from one place to another with your car. This may be compounded by unforeseen situations like Canada’s weather, which sometimes is harshly cold, and freezing of car locks becomes a real problem. You may also end up getting yourself locked out of the vehicle if you leave the car keys inside the vehicle or break the keys in an attempt to get the jammed lock open.
At Toronto Auto Locksmiths we are 24/7 Auto Locksmiths who are committed to Car Key Repairs Car Key Programming and Car Lock Repairs. We can answer your call any time of day or night with our 24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmiths and Call Out services. Emergency Assistance for People Locked Out of Their Vehicle is our livelihood and we take it very seriously. This explains the favorable reviews that we receive in Car Key Solutions Reviews, the go-to magazine for any recommendation on an auto locksmith in Canada.
We have Toronto Auto Locksmiths branches which are spread all over the country so as to improve logistical support and ensure that no matter how remote your location is, we always have a mobile team of locksmiths, experienced and well equipped, who can rush to your spot in the minimum possible time. With employee strength of Toronto Auto Locksmiths it is ensured that all calls for assistance are answered promptly and there are sufficient personnel to go through even the most demanding day.
Advantages of having a mobile auto locksmith in Canada

  • Fast response: If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle in someplace inconvenient, just call us at Toronto Auto Locksmiths and we rush a mobile team of technicians to help you out in the minimum possible time.
  • Wide Availability: You can have an inconvenient situation with the car lock at any time of the day or night. Our 24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmiths will assist you even if it is in the dead of the night.
  • Specialized Services: Auto locks are a niche subject, which does not lend it favorably to DIY methods, especially with modern security systems of cars. Our specialized services ensure that our technicians are always well equipped to carry out a successful job.
  • Remote locations: This is very true for Canada.  Toronto Auto Locksmiths has branches spread all over the country to be able to access remote locations timely in an effective manner.
  • Extensively trained technicians: Our technicians can address every problem, be it a car lockout or a broken transponder key, two common situations. We also take care of car security systems, so if you find someone has tampered with the lock on your car, give us a call right away.

With Toronto Auto Locksmiths you can safely give us the responsibility of bailing you out of a bad and embarrassing situation, and our reasonable service charges are very competitive. We take care of all makes and models of cars, vans, SUV’s, mobile homes, motorcycles and trucks.

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